Programma JDE Update 2021 – more details

11:15 – 12:00 uur (Admiraalszaal)

Vanderlande – Discover the impact of market & business model change on the Global Supply Network (and its implications on the JDE model).

At the start of Vanderlande’s transformation, a group of subject matter experts was challenged to think about what the future for Vanderlande could look like. As part of the ‘Supply & Delivery Excellence Program’, Vanderlande is currently transforming from an Engineer to Order company to Configure to Order. Driven by rapidly growing and changing customer requirements, Vanderlande is re-designing their complete global supply network. A network that consists of 300 nodes (project locations/warehouses), 4 worldwide distribution centres and that needs to support both custom-build and mass production processes.

During this session you’ll discover:

  • The key vision & strategy behind the program. 
  • Re-thinking the existing JDE model and its implications on the system and functions.
  • Required organizational change, such as Global Sourcing from EU, US and China instead of independent silos.

Speakers: Bert Korsten (Vanderlande), Thomas van den Heuvel (Steltix)

11.15 – 11.35 uur (De Apotheek)

How do I speed up my month-end closing?

Your month-end and year-end closings are recurring core tasks. Unfortunately, it’s often a process that takes up a lot of valuable time. Time you could be spending on other things. During this presentation, we will introduce you to Fast Closing: a JD Edwards solution that helps you speed up and streamline your financial closing cycle.

Within 20 minutes, we will demonstrate the 4 main benefits of JD Edwards Fast Closing:  
• Working with a pre-defined excecution plan gives you control over the process
• Automatic & periodic reports prevent errors from piling up during the month
• Resolve errors efficiently by using one message repository
• Save a lot of time by using corrective action buttons.

Speakers: Sanne Wassink en Marjan van Son (Redfaire International)

11.40 – 12.00 uur (De Apotheek)

Enterprise Data Warehouse Automation

Companies struggle with technical debt and data delivery. Learn how you can overcome these issues with the Data Vault 2.0 methodlogy.  Automate to accelarate and experience faster data warehouse automation, so you will be prepared for the next wave of analytics. Turning data into actionable insights.

Speaker: Frank Weeber, Intodata

14.15 – 15.00 uur (Admiraalszaal)

Oracle JD Edwards & Database migration to the Oracle Cloud11.

In this session, Philippe Jacquemin, Enterprise Architect for Interfood, will provide insight on the journey that moved & improved Interfood’s JD Edwards application and its Oracle Database to the Oracle Cloud. Details related to the company, its JD Edwards history, the selection process, selection criteria + outcome, the project itself (the do’s and don’ts), the objectives and challenges, as well as, short and long term benefits will be shared / highlighted. Ultimately, Interfood will share its recommendations based upon the experience of running its JD Edwards application and its Oracle Databases in the Oracle Cloud since the Go-Live.

Speaker: Philippe Jacquemin (Interfood) and Tim de Nijs (Quistor Sales Director)

14.15 – 15.00 uur (De Club)

Connect your e-commerce platform with JD Edwards

Do you already use the orchestrator? Or would you like to discover the many benefits that working with the orchestrator offers your company? During this presentation Ralph de Joode of Cadran and Peter Wijburg of our customer ABF Bearings will show you:
• The main benefits of working with the orchestrator
• How we integrated the ABF e-commerce platform with JD Edwards using the orchestrator
• How working with the orchestrator can increase efficiency and lower costs and complexity

Speakers: Peter Wijburg (ABF Bearings) en Ralph de Joode (Cadran)

14.15 – 14.35 uur (De Apotheek)

Maximise the Value of JDE EnterPrise 9.2 – How to Manage Your Updates 

Any company running JDE E1 9.2 has choice over what updates to take and when to take them.  Best practice is for customers to stay current by taking each new Release.  Doing so ensures they are able to take advantage of the new tools and functionality that Oracle is continually delivering.  In this presentation we will outline what steps you need to take to plan, resource and manage your update projects in order to make sure that you can maximize the value from 9.2.  Managing to run better and more frequent updates projects is key to getting the most from E1.   

Patrick Neary, DWS VP Global Sales and Marketing

14:40 – 15:00 uur (De Apotheek)

QlikSense, operationeel toegepast bij Scherpenhuizen t.b.v. Track en Trace

Binnen de AGF is transparantie en volledig inzicht in de aanleverketen van teler tot eindklant cruciaal. Tijdens deze demo zal de Qlik Sense oplossing worden getoond die Scherpenhuizen i.s.m. Provelu heeft gebouwd. Daarbij zal worden toegelicht welke stakeholders daarmee van informatie worden voorzien. Denk daarbij aan interne stakeholders (kwaliteit, commercie, productie & logistiek), maar ook aan externe stakeholders (wettelijke verplichtingen, klanten-audits enz.). De kracht van de oplossing zit in de hiërarchie-opbouw en het bieden van totale flexibiliteit voor de eindgebruiker in het toepassen van diverse filter-combinaties en dwarsdoorsnedes. Deze track en trace oplossing biedt diverse extra features bovenop standaard JDE. Denk daarbij aan de mogelijkheid voor het opvragen halverwege de levensduur van een partij en ​de mogelijkheid om willekeurige filters ​toe te passen (klant, transporteur, artikel, productielijn, leverancier, teler, kwaliteits- of partij kenmerken).

15.00 – 15.30 uur (De Club)

QuakerHoughton JDE security challenges

In this session Marc-Jan Jongboer (Manager Enterprise Business Systems @ Quaker Houghton) and Dirk Jan Brouwer (JDE Security expert), will share the challenge that QuakerHoughton had and the steps they are making on JDE security. Why they decided to make dramatic changes to their security approach, what did they want to achieve and how did they do this? A clear and honest insight in a topic that can touch all of us, and a solution approach that can make everybody’s life easier.

Speakers: Marc-Jan Jongboer (Quaker Houghton) en Dirk Brouwer (Quistor)

15.00 – 15.30 uur (De Apotheek)

How to finally become data-driven with Tableau for JD Edwards (English)
Most organizations want to become more data-driven nowadays. But what does this actually mean in practice? And how do you become data-driven as an organization? In this presentation we will answer such questions using practical examples from our customer ABF Bearings. 
During the presentation Peter Wijburg (ABF Bearings) and Jelle Huisman (Cadran Analytics) will tell you all about: 
• How ABF Bearings became more data-driven using Tableau. ABF’s dashboards on the ROI of Purchase Orders and the combination of sales orders and Google Analytics will be shown. 
• What is Tableau for JD Edwards?
• The benefits of standard data models and standard dashboards on JD Edwards.
Hoe u eindelijk data-driven wordt met Tableau voor JD Edwards (Dutch)
De meeste organisaties willen tegenwoordig meer data-driven worden. Maar wat betekent dit eigenlijk in de praktijk? En hoe word je als organisatie data-driven? In deze presentatie beantwoorden we deze vragen aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden van onze klant ABF Bearings. 
Tijdens de presentatie vertellen Peter Wijburg (ABF Bearings) en Jelle Huisman (Cadran Analytics) u alles over: 
– Hoe heeft Tableau geholpen om ABF meer data-driven te maken? ABF’s dashboards over de ROI van Inkooporders en de combinatie van verkooporders en Google Analytics zullen worden getoond. 
– Wat is Tableau voor JD Edwards?
– De voordelen van standaard datamodellen en standaard dashboards op JD Edwards.